D.C. area reacts to Anthony Weiner scandal

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- I can't believe that he has made this mistake again,” says Virginia resident Jeremy Baker.

Neither can Marylander Eprisia Lee, who thought Anthony Weiner would have learned his lesson the first time around:

“When you're in the public realm, there is a certain standard -- you are supposed to, how should I say this, have morals and values."

D.C. resident Jonathan Quigg, however, is okay with the news:

"They do a lot of stupid stuff, they do a lot of stuff people would say is pretty wrong and immoral, but I think it's their private life and they shouldn't be bugged too much about it."{ }

And what about Weiner’s wife standing by his side again? Mark Kennedy, who served in Congress and now leads George Washington University’s School of Political Management, believes she is the one gaining credibility with voters.

"A lot of people are wondering, 'Should his wife be running instead of him?' because she's shown some resilience, some commitment,” says Kennedy, who believes that Huma Abedin could end up like her mentor Hillary Clinton – holding office instead of her husband.

"I know there are people who would never conceive to ever vote for me, and I get that," Weiner has said. But the third time isn’t always the charm.

"Americans have shown that they will give [him] a second chance,” says Kennedy. “But the question is will they give him a third chance..."