Crime Scene at 1600-continued, The Power of Purple, Cain gets "Cuban" and Newt's Reversal of Fortune(s)


BREAKING UPDATE: Charging documents released as FBI files case of attempted assassination on President Obama.

Oscar Ortega-Hernandez - Arrest Warrant and Complaint

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That’s the motive being reported for the gunman suspected of shooting at the White House, striking it at least twice.

Sources have told the Associated Press (and we should get a better glimpse ourselves when charging documents are released later today-so check back in after 2 p.m.) that Oscar Ortega-Hernandez had an obsession with President Obama and believed he was on a mission from God when he fired several rounds. One of those bullets was stopped only by a pane of bullet-proof glass on the upstairs residence.

Because he was caught in Pennsylvania at a Hampton Inn he frequented, his first court appearance will be in Pa. but he’ll eventually be brought back to D.C. to face charges that could even, some say, fall within the boundaries of an assassination attempt. Important to note, the President was not there at the time.

I will provide the charging docs as soon as available but have been given a heads up that while short, they contain a lot of ‘very interesting’ information.

In case you want more, he’s a link to last night’s live report on his capture and background:


It’s not all bad news for President Obama, though. The SEIU is pledging to show its colors (that vibrant purple) again in 2012 in support of Mr. Obama’s re-election effort.

The Service Employees International Union has endorsed the sitting president’s bid and vows to deploy its fine-tuned team of 2.1 million members in hopes of rallying many who have lost enthusiasm over the last 3 years.

Why so important, even if predictable?

It’s been reported the SEIU spent about $60 million to help the democrat win the White House and if memory serves me correctly, those ubiquitous purple shirts could be seen at almost every Obama rally I attended. They’re a very vocal, very visible group and often are best at helping secure votes among Hispanic and African American voters.

Mr. Obama will need those labor groups to back him again, especially if unemployment is still hanging around 9 percent come next November.

(Footnote: the new unemployment numbers released today show 5,000 fewer applicants for benefits; the fourth decline in five weeks. But at 388,000, it’s still well above the benchmark 375,000 that would serve as an indicator some progress is being made.)


Ay, Dios mio! Senor Herman Cain tiene una otra problema.

While campaigning in Miami Wednesday, Mr. Cain stopped by the well-known Valencia restaurant in Little Havana. Needless to say, I wouldn’t be writing about it unless there was another stumble.

During a photo-op of coffee and treats, the one-time GOP frontrunner mugged for the cameras and was asked how he enjoyed his snack. “I love it,” he kept explaining. Then, as if unaware that Spanish is spoken in countries other than just Spain, he turned to the man next to him and asked, “How do you say ‘delicious’ in Cuban?”

As far as faux pas go, this one is not that big of a deal. However, it was just a precursor to the real response, or lack thereof, that won’t sit well with the Cuban community and its strong-hold of voting power in ever important South Florida.

While walking among a crowd and headed toward his next event, a reporter from the Miami Herald asked Mr. Cain about his stance on “wet-foot, dry-foot” policies. Considering this is the legal standard that determines if an illegal immigrant - many times seeking political asylum - who boats and swims to U.S. shores can stay or will be sent back, it’s a subject Mr. Cain needs to be familiar with and have a clearly defined stance on.

Unfortunately for the former pizza magnate, he seemed ill prepared. His PR team prevented any further peppering and Mr. Cain was silent. And when the question was posed again on the way out, he once again refrained from answering.


Former Speaker Gingrich is back near the top and that means he’s back under the microscope. So it’s no surprise journalists are all over him about the more than $1 million he received from Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae for consulting as an ‘historian.’

He says he gave them advice that it was “crazy” to back so many risky home loans. But people want to know more about what exactly earned him all that cash.

On Wednesday, Mr. Gingrich said he’ll be happy to make public any papers documenting his work for the housing giants.

Within hours though, a reversal. His team said those documents would not be released, after all.

To be continued…