Cory Booker backtracks on criticizing Obama's campaign

(Photo courtesy David Shankbone via Flickr)

While President Obama supporter, Cory Booker, stepped back a bit from comments criticizing the Obama campaign’s attack ads on Mitt Romney, he insists it was his choice - though he admits he did hear from the president's team.

"I'm not aware that the president had any conversation like that or anyone with staff, I'm not saying they haven't but I'm not aware of it," says Jay Carney, the White House spokesman.

Though, there are other Democrats careful not to criticize capitalism, and Romney's team is rolling out highlights as if from an assembly line.

While Republicans seems content to extend this fight, they have to be careful. After all, the president welcomes it.

"This is not a distraction, this is what this campaign is going to be about," Obama says.

Why? Perhaps because in 1994, Ted Kennedy used this exact same tactic to beat Romney. Some Obama ads, practically mirror images and interviews. In fact, some published reports indicate the laid off workers, like Randy Johnson, have been essentially Democratic, anti-Romney operatives since the 90's, flown around the country on the DNC's dime to re-hash the Bain capital critique and relay this message from Vice President Joe Biden

"Making money for your investors, which Romney did very well, is not the president's job,” Biden said. “The president has a different job.”