Carol Schwartz will run for D.C. Mayor as Independent

(WJLA) - Carol Schwartz, 70, was a member of D.C. government for more than three decades before a primary defeat six years ago ended her Council career.

Now, she is back on the campaign trail, running for D.C. Mayor as an Independent. Schwartz notes the times she ran as a Republican in D.C. -- and lost:

"In 1986, 1994, 1998, and 2002."

Schwartz arrived at election headquarters at 11 a.m. Friday morning to pick up her petitions to get 3,000 valid signatures and take on Democratic Party nominee, Muriel Bowser, as well as another Republican-turned-Independent, David Catania.

Catania’s campaign aide earlier this week accused Schwartz of jumping in to help Bowser and hurt Catania, who helped engineer Schwartz’s oust from the Council. She would not address it today, however:

"I think it is just a distraction and I'm going to keep my focus on this election."

Catania would not comment on it either:

"There are no other topics on my mind other than how we can get the message out and get people to the polls in November."

As for why she no longer classifies herself as a Republican, Schwartz says:

"Well, it's just too conservative for me...I mean when Eric Cantor is considered too liberal for the party..."