Cain's "oops" moment, Newt's big surprise and (hand)cuffs and links for Obama's golf buddy


Rick Perry -{ } you’ve been let off the hook, kind of. And you can thank Herman Cain.

The never-a-dull moment candidate was asked by reporters at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel a simple foreign policy question during a sit down interview and had his own, “oops” moment.

The inquiry: So you agreed with President Obama on Libya or not?

What unfolded, critics say, exposes Cain’s Achilles heel: a lack in understanding of international diplomacy/policy…oh yeah, and a highly uncomfortable pause that rivals the 53 seconds of nervousness compliments of Rick Perry in last week’s debate.

Watch here:

If it were a first, it might be overlooked. But after past responses made him appear unaware China has nuclear capabilities or his mocking of Uzbekistan and calling it an insignificant nation, more mishaps regarding other nations are hurting his image as someone who can properly handle the ‘3 a.m.’ phone call. That’s the scenario so heavily debated in the last election to suggest a candidate’s credentials need be strong enough to handle whatever international crisis might occur in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, it was not the only fumble for Cain. He also had difficulty with a question on collective bargaining:

So what gives? His team says Mr. Cain was just tired and operating on four hours sleep. He didn’t give that same excuse though, and when asked in person by one reporter what happened with the Libya question, he looked at the camera and simply said “9-9-9.”



Is Newt back? With Cain’s poll numbers dropping, somebody’s has to go up. The beneficiary appears at this point to be former Speaker Gingrich. The irony is that just four months ago, his staff was leaving in droves and the running joke was that Gingrich didn’t even really want to win. Oh, how times have changed.

A new CNN/ORC International polls among GOP and GOP-leaning voters shows Gingrich rebounding solidly. Romney holds strong at 24% but Gingrich is well within the margin of error (4.5%) at 22%. While some wonder if this is just November’s fad and it will be someone else next month, the bottom line is that his fundraising is skyrocketing. He was actually introduced at a campaign event yesterday as the ‘front runner.’ If he can capitalize, it’s not out of the realm of possibility he takes one of the early states.

That could throw the entire race for an unexpected loop.

Tuesday, Gingrich said: "You know things can change very rapidly, in my case a lot of the news media said I was dead in June and July and yesterday afternoon in Jefferson Iowa someone introduced me as the frontrunner. So you can't tell what's going to happen."

Jumping 14 points in 2 weeks can do that.


While in Hawaii, President Obama decided to hit the golf course. I say there’s nothing wrong with that - every president deserves some time on the links to escape for an hour or two. Bush did it, Clinton did it, Ford did it…badly. But you know that phrase: “Be careful who you golf with?” No? Alright, I may have made that up but it could apply in this case. That’s because Mr. Obama was putting around with a an old buddy whose not just got greens fees, he’s got lawyer fees too. Solicitation of a Prostitute is the charge that Bobby Titcomb was arrested on earlier this year. The high-school friend of President Obama has had a few scrapes with the law as documented by our partners at POLITICO.

So what’s the response from the White House?

“The President has been a friend of Bobby’s since childhood - and remains loyal to him as Bobby confronts some difficult challenges in his personal life.” –Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary