BREAKING - VIDEO OF ALLEGED WHITE HOUSE SHOOTER: "I am modern day Jesus Christ"

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      BREAKING - VIDEO OF ALLEGED WHITE HOUSE SHOOTER: “I am modern day Jesus Christ”

      I’ve just gotten my hands on a video that Oscar Ortega-Hernandez had recorded while he was attempting to be profiled on the Oprah Winfrey Show. The Idaho man had a college student shoot video of him during what amounted to a more than half-hour long rant where he chastised the government, spoke of his time in violent gangs and claimed to be the “modern day Jesus Christ.” No doubt the FBI and Secret Service are also scouring the video for any comments they feel might build their case in seeking a conviction on his alleged “assassination” attempt against President Obama. (see the affidavit posted in yesterday’s TCT)
      See these clips below:

      -Ortega-Hernandez and his plea to Oprah Winfrey

      -Ortega-Hernandez on gang violence

      -Ortega-Hernandez on religion

      -Ortega-Hernandez on fighting government

      A full report is coming on ABC7 tonight.


      So the saga that is Mr. Cain’s campaign has taken another odd turn. This time it’s full of irony. The man who seemingly loves being in front of every camera that comes his way, has now decided he won’t conduct sit-down newspaper interviews if there is a camera in the room. Why? Well, these very in-depth, issue-oriented and detail-demanding interviews are often the truest litmus test for determining a candidate’s knowledge on pivotal subjects. They’re tough and very specific in subject matter: In other words, a great opportunity to share opinions and theories without having to whittle them down into 15 second sound bites for the TV crews.

      The problem is, Mr. Cain has not fared well during some of them and is seen struggling greatly with basic questions about everything from Libya to collective bargaining rights. So yesterday, Mr. Cain refused to conduct a previously scheduled sit-down interview with a New Hampshire newspaper because C-SPAN had plans to videotape it. He, or his staff, apparently doesn’t want to risk another uncomfortable moment like this one that arose during his interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

      What are next, debates over radio only? Interviews in which answers are submitted in written form? If stumped, a simple response of ‘9-9-9’?

      Oh…yeah, he’s already done that.


      Sometimes lectures on life come from the most unexpected sources. In other words, sometimes Rep. Charlie Rangel preaches about right and wrong. Today, the embattled former gavel-holder of the all-important Ways and Means Committee decided the best way to get the congressional Super-Committee to get the job done would be to evoke sanctimonious calls for ‘moral responsibility.’

      You see, the New York Democrat believes we have an inherent onus to take better care of those most in need. While I can’t disagree with the idea of caring for the greater good, it’s a curious commentary coming from Mr. Rangel.

      For some context here, please recall that Rangel was found guilty on 11 ethics violations while being accused of failing to declare hundreds of thousands of dollars in income & assets and failed to pay income taxes on a Dominican Republic.

      Laws he should have been well aware of since he helped craft them.