Bin Laden at the center of new campaign ads

Former Navy Seals are taking aim at President Obama in a new campaign ad. The group is criticizing the president for taking credit for the death of Osama Bin Laden.

The group behind the ads is called OPSEC and it includes retired Army Special Forces Major, Dave King.

“It would be almost like President Truman saying, ‘I dropped the bomb, I dropped the bomb I built in the basement’,” said King. “I’m the one responsible for it.”

King admits the president did make the executive decision to kill Bin Laden. But he’s angry about the administration’s alleged leaks of classified intelligence.

The Obama team points out that the president of OPSEC is Scott Taylor, a republican from Virginia who recently ran for congress. But OPSEC insists that it is a non-partisan group and includes democrats as members.

The ads are currently running online and will soon be hitting the airwaves in a number of swing states, including Virginia.

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