Ann Romney interview: Candidate's wife speaks with ABC7's Rebecca Cooper

In an interview, Ann Romney tells ABC7 that she still meets Virginians who are undecided and are worried about their jobs and their children's future.

Speaking after a campaign stop in Leesburg and a day after President Obama spoke at the Democratic National Convention, Romney says her husband Mitt Romney is the right person to set the nation on a strong economic course.

"I say to people, 'Trust him.Give the keys to the guy who knows how to run the car,'" she says.

Ann Romney has become one of the campaign's most effective speakers, doing back-to-back interviews and traveling nonstop.

When asked how she is holding up, she replied: "Raising five boys was much harder."

At an event earlier, Ann Romney talked about her love of horses and her trust in her husband Friday at a Loudoun County riding stable.

The wife of the Republican presidential nominee was greeted by more than 500 cheering supporters at a "Women for Mitt" rally at the Twin Oaks Riding Academy in Leesburg.

Ann Romney is an avid equestrian who co-owns a horse that participated in the London Olympics.

She rides horses as part of her therapy for multiple sclerosis. She said horses helped her recover from being "very, very sick" and allowed her to rediscover joy in her life.

She assured the crowd her husband "will not fail" to turn around the economy if elected. Loudoun is considered a swing county in Virginia, which is itself a key swing state in November.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.