President Obama's approval ratings hit record lows in ABC News/Washington Post poll

WASHINGTON (ABC/Washington Post) - President Obama's approval rating is hitting new record lows in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll. Much of it is being blamed on "Obamacare" with a growing number of Americans not just upset with its roll out, but with the new healthcare law overall.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll puts President Obama's overall job
approval rating at just 42 percent, down 13 points this year. Fifty-five percent disapprove, a new record high for his presidency.

And the president's other ratings are tumbling as well. Only 46 percent see
him as a strong leader, while 47 percent see him as honest and trustworthy. And 47 percent say he understands Americans' problems.

Fueling the negativity is the botched rollout of "Obamacare". Americans by nearly 2-to-1 disapprove of his handling of the rollout. And opposition to the Affordable Care Act is at an all-time high: 57 percent.