29,000 people bought health care on over weekend, officials say

(WJLA) - More people signed up for health insurance through this past Sunday and Monday than signed up through the entire month of October, POLITICO reports.

A source tells POLITICO's Carrie Budoff-Brown that about 29,000 people bought insurance through the federal marketplace during that 48-hour period, which is more than the total number that signed up over the first month that the Affordable Care Act was in effect.

Upwards of 100,000 people signed up in November, officials say.

The maligned relaunched on Dec. 1 after a litany of technical problems plagued its highly-anticipated rollout. Federal officials had to fix hundreds of bugs, hardware problems and software problems to bring the site up to speed by this past weekend.

President Barack Obama kicked off an extended campaign Tuesday to continue the public's education on the virtues of his landmark health care bill. The administration plans to highlight a different aspect of the law every day for several weeks.