2012 Presidential race: Obama, Romney campaign

President Obama, Mitt Romney, Vice President Biden and Paul Ryan were scattered across the country Wednesday. They’re working non-stop to get as many voters as they can on their side before the November 6th election.

Obama in Iowa
President Obama said at the start of a 48-hour campaign trip that "trust matters" in a presidential campaign and he has kept the same values throughout his political career. Obama also said he hasn't finished all the work he and his supporters set out to do in 2008, but says he has fought for people every day.

Iowa was the first stop on a two day trip to key states. Among the many stops, he’ll head to L.A. to appear on “The Tonight Show” and then a rally in Vegas with Katy Perry. The president said of his campaign blitz: "We're going to pull an all-nighter. No sleep.”

Romney in Nevada
Campaigning in Nevada, Romney said the election isn't just about big ideas but also is about "your family." He described tough situations facing seniors, families with children and the unemployed.

Romney traveled from Colorado to Nevada and then to Iowa, Ohio, Florida and Virginia.

Biden and Ryan in Ohio
Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is telling voters in Ohio that poverty is winning in the war on poverty. In a speech Wednesday, Ryan said he and running mate Mitt Romney would work to help poor people climb out of poverty and help middle-class workers feel they are on stronger financial ground.

Vice President Joe Biden was also in Ohio. In Marion, he told supporters that the debates have shown Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have outdated policies on international, social and economic issues.

"Both these men are good men,” said Biden. “They're both good men, they're fathers, they are decent men, but they have a different value set.”