2012 Election: Romney campaigns in Virginia day before election

Crowds gather at GMU (Photo: Suzanne Kennedy)

Thousands of GOP challenger Mitt Romney’s supporters lined up at George Mason University Monday, excited Northern Virginia was picked for the "final 48" - the last 48 hours of the historic 2012 campaign.

Romney wants to turn Virginia, a blue state, back to red and bounded on to the stage with wife Ann by his side.

Telling Virginia voters they can make the difference, Romney gave one of the final pitches of his presidential campaign.

“The door to a brighter future is there. It's open. It's waiting for us. I need your help. I need your work. Walk with me. Let's walk together. Tomorrow is a new beginning,” Romney says.

The candidate started the morning in Florida. From there, it was on to Lynchburg, then Fairfax, then the campaign decided to add an airport hangar rally this evening in Columbus.

They will end the night in New Hampshire before heading back to Ohio, then Pennsylvania Tuesday.