2012 Election: Obama, Romney neck and neck one day before election

Obama buttons on a wall of the Chicago office. (Photo: Scott Thuman)

When it comes to election-eve tension, look no further than the Obama field office in Chicago.

This is where the calls are being made, decisions debated as they pull out all the stops in their massive get out the vote effort. It's a machine that's been running for years, but has only hours left to pay-off.

While they're here, the president is making his way through the Midwest: Wisconsin, Ohio and Iowa, soliciting star power and hoping the long lines of early voters, favor him.

Both on the road and at home, this camp exudes confidence. But they also know it's close-very close.

The final stretch is a frantic one, hitting multiple states a day. A push that isn't made unless there's real concern - and not just by the candidates. Virginia voters for the first time admit real anxiety.

“Romney's done more than I thought he was gonna be able to do," says one Virginia voter.

That's where they go: grassroots. It’s a strategy Obama's camp argues is superior to GOP challenger Mitt Romney’s. On Saturday alone, they claim to have put 20,547 volunteers to work across Virginia, knocking on 477,539 door and calling an additional 460,968 Virginians reminding them where to vote.

For the president, it's really all he can do at this point: Make a mad dash aboard Air Force One for as many swing states as possible. Soon enough, it will be out of his hands.

Many people on the campaign trail have said that if either candidate wins Virginia, they win the election. That's why both candidates and their surrogates have spent a lot of time in the commonwealth.