2012 election debate: How did the debate play with undecided voters?

As the orders come up at the 2400 Diner outside the Washington Beltway, undecided voters are still mulling over the debate.

Retired federal worker James Arrington, 64, says he paid close attention to the candidates last night.

He thinks the president didn't do well, but still isn't sure who he'll vote for.

“He talks and didn't seemed to get to the point and he started to glaze over,” Arrington says. “Romney was really concise.”

This will be Alicia Yates first time voting - that is if the 19-year-old who has two jobs to make ends meet can make up her mind.

“I just don't feel like anyone is covering the issues so I'm just really not wanting to vote at this point,” Yates says.

Jennifer Dodge, 45, is also struggling to pick her candidate.

“I don't like either candidate's stance on health care,” she says. “I think health care should be free for everyone and right now. I don't see anybody moving in that direction.”

Unemployed mortgage banker Terri Berkheimer says same sex marriage and the economy are important issues when it comes to deciding who she will vote for. With just 33 days until November 6th, she's not even sure she'll vote.

“If I can't make a strong decision, I don’t know that I want to be responsible either way as to who gets elected,” Berkheimer says.