10th anniversary of Reagan death brings admirers to D.C.

(WJLA) - On the tenth anniversary of President Reagan’s passing, admirers on Thursday aren’t reflecting on his death. Instead, former aide Frank Donatelli says his continuing legacy has brought leaders from around the world to Washington, D.C.

"Why do we still revere President Reagan? I think because his policies worked!" said Donatelli.

From his strong policies overseas to helping end the Cold War, GOP leaders are still eager to emulate what many saw as the Reagan magic.

And while critics contend that his policies weren’t beneficial to all Americans, many miss the humor he deployed to dismiss his critics.

Historians say it is hard to underestimate the lasting impact Reagan has had on his party and the country. For Donatelli, this is a day to remember Reagan’s constant sense of optimism for this country.

There are now at least 70 landmarks in the United States named in honor of President Reagan, and 11 monuments overseas named in honor of America’s fortieth president.