2-term bill gain momentum; 'Skins-Seahawks preview; Bob McCartney

Today on NewsTalk, Jim Gilmore talked about the bipartisan proposal to give Virginia governors the ability to seek a second term. The Old Dominion is the only state that limits its chief executives to one four-year term.

Del. Bob Brink (D-Arlington/Fairfax), who will introduce a constitutional amendment bill in this year’s session, joined us by phone.

Jennifer Williams of previewed Sunday’s Redskins-Seahawks game.

And Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talked about former DC Councilman Michael Brown’s comeback bid and Bill Bolling’s announcement that he may run for governor as an independent.

Watch today’s interviews here:

Monday at 10am: A Redskins-Seahawks recap. Also, Fairfax Chamber president Jim Corcoran.