'Wonder women' join in on the 'Hot Cop Challenge'

(Courtesy: Coral Springs Police Department)

CORAL SPRINGS, FL (WSYX/WTTE) -- After numerous police departments featured men exclusively in a "hot cop challenge" that started from a photo posted during Hurricane Irma, at least one department showed female officers not only have the looks of the guys, but more importantly, the skills needed to protect and serve their community.

The Coral Springs Police Department posted a photo of five of its officers on its Facebook page after they said they "received many requests" to have their female officers pose for a photo.

"They are every bit as capable of protecting and serving this community with the same strength, dedication and compassion," the post stated.

The five ladies represented in the photo are from the Training Unit, SWAT Team, Strategic Enforcement Team, Road Patrol and Youth Liaison Unit. The diversity of their duties is like the varied range of individuals representing the department, according to the post.

"Our department consists of many strong, diverse, intelligent, confident, beautiful police officers," the post stated.

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