World's largest peanut butter cup built in Vermont

The 229-pound peanut butter cup was certified as the world's largest. Photo: CNN

(CNN) - Vermont candy shop owner Nick Monte's knew that if his plan worked out to perfection, he'd be the man behind a piece of candy like none other.

229 pounds of candy later, he did just that.

Monte, who owns the Village Chocolate Shoppe in Bennington, Vt., was on a mission to create the world's most massive peanut butter cup - one he accomplished in the name of charity over the weekend.

The shop combined more than 229 pounds of chocolate and peanut butter to create the incredibly large confection. Its inner layer of milk chocolate was poured into a mold by hand, then filled with a creamy peanut butter filling.

By the time it was completed, the peanut butter cup was 59 1/2 inches wide, contained 70.1 pounds of chocolate and a massive 159.7 pounds of peanut butter.

The candy shop pulled off the stunt to raise money for a local organization that helps the survivors of violent crime.