Woman killed in hang gliding accident

VANCOUVER (ABC) - What began as an anniversary gift ended tragically as a woman plunged one thousand feet to her death.

Lenami Godinez' boyfriend bought her the hang gliding lesson while the two were on vacation near Vancouver.

"I saw that she was no longer horizontal, and she was hanging vertically. And had in essence bear hugged...the pilot in command in an attempt to stay up. It looked like she was slipping down his body and eventually let go at the very end," witness Nicole Mclearn said.

But, what led up to the fall is a mystery -{ } at least for investigators.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police say Godinez' flight instructor and pilot, 50-year-old William Jon Orders, swallowed the memory chip containing a video recording of the flight. The 16-year veteran is charged with obstruction.

Orders remains in custody as police wait to see if the answers they need will re-appear intact.

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