Woman charged with attacking driver who honked at her, trying to pepper spray 4-year-old

April Flores, 33, is charged with deadly conduct after she reportedly attacked another family during a road rage incident near Loop 410 and Old Pearsall Road on February 20, 2017. (Photo: Bexar County Sheriff's Office)

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - A local woman accused of trying to run down another driver who honked at her, intentionally crashing into his car and then trying to pepper spray his family is now charged with deadly conduct.

According to court papers, April Flores, 33, was stopped at the intersection of Old Pearsall Road and Loop 410 when the light turned green and a driver behind her tapped his horn.

He told investigators he moved into the next lane after Flores slowly moved into the intersection, but she then quickly switched lanes and hit his car.

Both cars then turned onto a side street, where the victim says Flores tried to run him down after he got out of his car. When she missed, the victim claims she backed up and tried a second time to run him over.

She drove away, but returned a few minutes later and reportedly tried to pepper spray the victim's brother and a 4-year-old boy. During the road rage incident, the victims managed to take photos of Flores' car and the license plate.

Later the same day, a relative of the victims says Flores drove slowly passed the family's home as they waited for a tow truck to deliver their wrecked car.

They called police again and Flores was arrested at a nearby gas station. She was charged and released on bond on Wednesday.

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