Wishgivers helps son of Boston firefighter

Duistin Schrantz died from cancer. His father set up a non-profit in his honor.

Patients at children's national medical center were treated to a surprise Tuesday by a retired New York City firefighter.

As P.J. Schrantz was at ground zero on 911, his young son was battling leukemia. His son Dustin died in 2003 at the age of 7.

Since then, Schrantz created a non-profit to honor his son and help police, firefighters and military service members who have a critically ill child.

On Tuesday, the group, Wishgivers, filled 100 gift bags with crayons, coloring books, puzzles and balloons and delivered them to Children's National Medical Center.

“I had this huge hole in my soul, just a lot of pain, I lived in a dark place for a while. I was always this guy full of hope, then I became like there is no hope, I lost my faith in humanity, I found when I help even on a little level, a small level, it helped me heal,” Schrantz says.

The group is currently helping a Boston firefighter whose son is also battling leukemia.

Schrantz says most of their donations come from their "Feel Good Friday” campaign, where people forgo that $3 cup of coffee and instead donate it to Wishgivers.