What's your best Valentine's Day memory?

Everyone has a favorite Valentine's Day memory, and we asked you to share those with us on Facebook on Tuesday. Here are some of your responses.

"Being born on the Valentine's day and marrying a man that was born on St. Patrick's day. Makes us both Saints." -Lindy Ivy

"My daughter being the only baby born on Valentines Day at Walter Reed Army Medical Center 30 years ago! I received balloons from the Nurses." -Dina Thomas

"My engagement ring, given to me by my mother in law 44 years ago while my husband was stationed in California." -Jean Stoneberger

"After my wife passed, my 8-year-old daughter walked in the room with cereal and juice and a orange.for breakfast. She said 'Mommy usde to do this for you!' I could not stop crying for days or look at an orange without getting tears!" -Bernard Jackson

I was 17, and met a very nice young man in one of our church activities. I had forgotten all about him for a while, and the following Valentine's Day, he showed up at my college campus with a huge stuffed turtle toy. It was beautiful, covered with little hearts and the cutest smile ever." -Tamara Mitchell