Web surfing while driving rapidly on the increase, survey says

(WJLA) - States across America are in the midst of trying to get drivers to stop using their phone or text messaging while behind the wheel, but according to a State Farm survey, the next target might be web surfing.

The national insurance agency says that in in a study of four years worth of data, there has been a significant increase in drivers visiting mobile websites while driving.

Within that survey, 48 percent of drivers aged 18-29 admitted to surfing the web while driving.

It shows that the message about the danger of distracted driving has not been taken seriously on a personal level, by a very large number of today's drivers," State Farm spokesman Gary Stephenson said in a statement.

Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia have each placed strict restrictions on what drivers can do with their phones behind the wheel. Each of them prohibit texting while driving at any time, while Maryland and the District require a hands free device for drivers who make phone calls.

The survey indicated that accessing mobile websites while driving jumped form 13 percent in 2009 to 21 percent in 2012. However, a full 72 percent of drivers surveyed "strongly agree" with laws that ban texting while driving.