Wealthy moms purchase Disney tours meant for disabled visitors, report says

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

An old axiom dictates that money can't buy happiness, but for a group of families from New York, it can get you front-of-the-line access for rides at Disney World, according to the New York Post.

Their tactics, though, will likely anger the disabled and handicapped community.

A New York Post report indicates that a group of New York families have been hiring tour guides meant for disabled park visitors to ensure that they don't have to wait in the often long lines that circle Disney attractions during peak business seasons.

The Post says that many of these mothers have hired a guide from a company called Dream Tours Florida. Their website promotes themselves as "dedicated to providing quality based, memorable, and affordable vacations to people with special needs."

However, the Post reports that these families are using the service simply for convenience.

Disney offers its own VIP tour packages at its theme parks, charging upwards of $380 per hour for preferred access to parks, rides and parades. The New York Post says that Dream Tours Florida charges $130 an hour for their services.