Walmart food drive for employees draws criticism

Photo: OUR Walmart

(WJLA) - Walmart officials are defending an Ohio store's move to hold a food drive for workers who are in need during the Thanksgiving season.

A photo posted by the advocacy group OUR Walmart show buckets and signs at a Canton, Ohio store urging customers and fellow employees to donate food for those workers who can't afford it.

The signs read, "Please donate food items here so Associates in Need can enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner."

A Walmart spokesman told ABC News that the company is proud of what they believe is a selfless act.

"A lot of people in that store are frustrated and offended that this is reported in a way besides other folks rallying around each other," spokesman Kory Lundberg told ABC.

OUR Walmart supporter and company employee Scott Stringer told ABC that he'd rather the company itself help these employees.