United Airlines passenger claims passengers poisoned

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) - A flight from Hong Kong on which a man claimed everyone was poisoned landed safely Monday at Newark Liberty Airport, and the man was taken off the plane under a heavy police presence.

The man stood up during the flight to make the claim but there was no indication that any passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 116 were actually poisoned, an FBI spokesman said.

After the passenger caused a disruption, procedures were followed and the flight continued on as scheduled with 238 passengers aboard to Newark, just outside New York City, the airline said.

A heavy police contingent greeted the flight's arrival, a passenger from another plane said.

Dozens of police vehicles were at the scene as about 10 officers entered the plane and many more waited outside, said University of San Francisco student Merrill Amos, who was watching through a restaurant window in the same terminal.

Amos, who was on a layover the airport, said in a phone interview that she saw a staircase pulled up to the plane and an ambulance nearby.