United Airlines helps passenger get to ailing mother's bedside

File photo: Associated Press

In a travel culture in which many find it easy to criticize the airline industry, it's important to highlight that there are instances when they get it right.

As CNN reports, United Airlines went above and beyond the call of duty this past January for one traveler who was trying to get home to see his ailing mother.

Kerry Drake was trying to fly from San Francisco to Lubbock, Texas, to be at the bedside of his mother, who was near death. However, his first flight was delayed just long enough to potentially force him to miss his connecting flight in Houston.

When the flight crew and pilot found out about it, though, CNN reports that the pilot radioed ahead to the airport. The airline then delayed departure to make sure Drake made his flight.

Kerry, in fact, made it to Lubbock on time to spend the last few hours of his mother's life at her bedside.