Unabomber looked at for 1980s Tylenol poisonings

“Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski is now being investigated for the deadly tainted Tylenol cases of the 1980s that left seven people dead, according to news reports.

Kaczynski, 68, is ser4ving a life sentence in a federal prison in Florence, Colo., for killing three people and wounding 23 in a series of bombings that spanned almost 20 years.

"As part of the re-examination of the 1982 Tylenol poisonings, the FBI attempted to secure DNA from numerous individuals, including Ted Kaczynski," said Cynthia Yates, FBI spokeswoman, according to CNN. "To date, Kaczynski has declined to voluntarily provide samples."

Kaczynski wrote in a May 9 motion that prison officials said "the Chicago office of the FBI wanted a sample of my DNA to compare with some partial DNA profiles connected with a 1982 event in which someone put potassium cyanide in Tylenol. The officers said the FBI was prepared to get a court order to compel me to provide the DNA sample, but wanted to know whether I would provide the sample voluntarily,” CNN reported.

"I have never even possessed any potassium cyanide," Kaczynski said, CNN reports. "But even on the assumption that the FBI is entirely honest (an assumption I'm unwilling to make), partial DNA profiles can throw suspicion on persons who are entirely innocent.”

The tainted Tylenol poisoning cases of 1982 changed the way medicines are packages.