Ukraine crisis escalating, officials fear they are in danger

UNITED NATIONS (AP/WJLA) - Ukraine's deputy foreign minister says he fears an imminent Russian invasion.

Danylo Lubkivsky told reporters at the United Nations on Friday: "We have the information we are in danger."

He spoke as an official in Ukraine confirmed that pro-Russian forces had detained a team of military observers with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

On Friday in South Korea, President Obama promised tougher sanctions against Russia if Vladimir Putin doesn’t back down and move out of Ukraine:

“President Putin is not a stupid man. There's going to come a point when he's going to have to make a fundamental decision. Is he willing to see an economy already faltered weaken further, or is he going to use military force and the kind of destabilizing activities that we see so far?”

With tensions escalating every day in the eastern city of Slovyansk, pro-Russian militants block government buildings, waving banners that read “USA” and “EU GO HOME!”

But it is Ukrainians guarding the airport in Kramatorsk. After an explosion, Ukrainians say Russian rockets blew up a military helicopter and surveillance airplane.

On Ukrainian newscasts, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk urged citizens to stand united against Russia, saying the Pope and the rest of the world stand with them. He also accused Russia of wanting to start World War III and insisted Ukrainians needed to be the ones to take on the Russians directly:

“These are our people. This is our future. This is our fight."

Lubkivsky said 20 members in total had been taken, and called the incident shocking and unprecedented.

"We are going to protect our motherland against any invasion," Lubkivsky said. "We call on the Russians to stop this madness."