U.S. Navy takes aim at bath salts in new PSA

The United States Navy is waging a war, but not one that would likely immediately come to mind. It's an internal war on drugs; bath salts, to be specific.

In a recently released Public Service Announcement entitled "Bath Salts: It's Not a Fad - It's a Nightmare," American sailors are being shown the dangers of the increasingly popular designer drug.

The nearly 7-minute long video shows the rage and paranoia that comes with doing the drug, and the Navy's top doctor wants sailors to know that there are serious side effects to taking bath salts. Those can include seizures, depression and schizophrenia.

"The Navy is trying to create a buzz among young sailors who think this might be sort of an innocuous high," Vice Admiral Matthew Nathan said. "This is probably something that you don't want to mess with."

The Navy has a zero tolerance policy for illegal drug use and it's hoping that educating enlisted sailors about the dangers of bath salts will prevent them from making a career-ending mistake.

"They do a good job in reaching the right demographic and depicting a lot of the things that could go wrong when you start using illegal substances," Army Col. Diane Battaglia said.