Tucson, Ariz. teen gets stuck in chimney trying to get into own house

The teen got stuck in this Tucson chimney. Photo: KGUN

(CNN/KGUN) - Word to the wise - people can't go down chimney's quite like Santa Claus can.

According to KGUN, though, an Arizona teenager didn't know that.

The 15-year-old was locked out of his house on Wednesday when he got home, and instead of waiting for his mother to arrive, he decided to access the house through other means.

So, the teen climbed up on the roof, KGUN says, and tried to get in through the narrow chimney. Unsurprisingly, he got stuck.

When she got home, the teens mom faintly heard her son calling out for her from inside the chimney and called police, who were able to free the teen in about five minutes.

Once free, his mother told KGUN that she had a talk with her son about the "stupidest thing he's done in his whole life." Luckily, the the teen wasn't seriously hurt.