Top tweets about the news to be featured on

At any given moment throughout the Washington, D.C. area, something is happening.

Whether its major breaking news from Capitol Hill, the latest goings-on in your neighborhood, a dusting (or more than a dusting) of snow or a big win from a local team, there’s always something to talk about.

Starting this week, we want to hear all about it from you on Twitter.

Introducing The Week in 140, a new feature on showcasing your best tweets from the past week.

Throughout the week, we’ll ask you on Twitter (@ABC7News) for your thoughts on the biggest stories affecting you and our area. Then, every Friday, you’ll be able to see if your tweet “made the cut.”

The best tweets will be featured on ABC7 News and on so that everyone can see your provoking thoughts or razor-sharp wit.

You have to be following us to participate, though! Head over to our Twitter page and sign up to get all the latest breaking news, weather, sports and entertainment straight from the newsroom.

Watch for our hashtag - #theweekin140 - on our @ABC7News Twitter page to see when we want your opinions!