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      Texas professor to live in dumpster for a year during environmental project

      (WJLA) - A professor at a small university in the capital of Texas is going to live in a dumpster for an entire year, but it's not for the reason you might think.

      KVUE-TV reports that Jeff Wilson, a doctor of environmental science who teaches at Huston-Tillotsen University in Austin, is sizing up an eight-cubic-yard dumpster as a potentially sustainable home.

      His hope is to display that people can live happily with less and in a smaller space.

      "Through less consumption, in this case less than one percent of the average American home, you still can have a happy and fulfilling life," Wilson told KVUE.

      Wilson's environmental studies project includes buying the dumpster, cleaning it and living in it for a year, complete with a toilet and washing machine.

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