Syria Poll: Most Americans oppose strike on Syria

(Photo: Brian Allman)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- Just a little over 24 hours before President Obama addresses the nation on Syria, it appears that 60-percent of Americans polled are against the idea of U.S. military strikes.

"A resolution will not be found on the battle field, but at the negotiating table...But we have to get to that table," said John Kerry.

Speaking in London, Secretary of State Kerry first said – then later rescinded – that the only way for Syria to avoid an attack was for President Assad to turn over all of his chemical weapons.

Meanwhile, Assad spoke on CBS Monday morning, hinting that there may be retaliation if the U.S. strikes. He stressed that he is his nation’s problem-solver, not the United States or anyone else.

“For me, I should be the hope of the Syrians, not any others, -- not Americans, neither the French or anyone in the world," said Assad.

Congress will vote Wednesday on military action in Syria.

ABC 7 polled local members of Congress and found that Senators Cardin and Kaine, along with Representatives Connolly, Van Hollen, Moran, and Hoyer, would vote 'yes.'

However, Congress members Wolf and Wittman would vote 'no,' as would D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton if she had a vote, while Senator Warner along with Congress members Sarbanes, Edwards, Hurt, and Delaney are still undecided.

Senator Mikulski was also undecided until late this Monday afternoon:

"I believe the President's plan is the best response to protect a U.S. security interest in the regime, and to show commitment to our common security interests with allies Turkey, Jordan and Israel."