Syria chemical weapons: Kerry's meetings in Switzerland stretch into second day

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Secretary of State John Kerry Friday described his meetings with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei lavrov as constructive, but so far those negotiations continue with no agreement yet on how, when and where Syria will turn over its chemical weapons.

Joined by UN negotiator Lakhdar Brahimi and his Russian counterpart, Kerry was careful not to give any concrete insight to how the talks are progressing, instead carefully repeating U.S. talking points.

"President Obama is deeply committed to a negotiated solution,” Kerry says.

And in an Oval Office meeting with the Amir of Kuwait, Obama also was cautious.

“I shared with the Amir my hope that the negotiations that are currently taking place between Secretary of State Kerry and Foreign Minister Lavrov in Geneva will bear fruit,” he said.

As Congress waits to see if any progress is made, in Washington Friday WTOP radio hosted a town hall meeting with several members of congress from Virginia.

Republican Frank Wolf says he wants the diplomatic solution to work.

"I think every effort should be made to try to deal with this diplomatically so the very fact that Russia is bailing us out is very unusual, but I think the administration has to pursue this and hopefully it will be successful,” Wolf says.

If diplomacy doesn't work, Democrat Jim Moran still supports a military strike despite public wariness.

"The country is very fatigued - no more wars, particularly in the middle east is what they're telling us and we can't get across the intent that this only be a very limited strike,” Moran says.