Suspicious items, bird strike diverts commercial flights

Passengers aboard two commercial flights experienced some scary moments, including a bird strike, another needle found in a sandwich and a suspicious camera - all found on board. 

A flight attendant aboard a United Airline jumbo jet, headed from Newark, New Jersey to Geneva, Switzerland, discovered a camera stuffed in the compartment on the back of an empty seat.

The flight attendant told the pilot, who changed course, landing at the closest airport, Boston's Logan Field.

Passengers were rescreened and the camera inspected. TSA officials said the measures were taken "out of an abundance of caution."

Another emergency aboard the United flight occurred when a bird collided with the plane, leaving a gaping hole near the nose, as a it approached Denver International Airport.

Fight sensors were ripped off. But none of the 151 passengers or the crew was injured.

A different scare happened when a sewing needle was found inside a sandwich on board an Air Canada flight from Victoria to Toronto on Monday.

It’s unclear the scare is connected to the half dozen sewing needles found two weeks ago in sandwiches on four separate Delta flights.