Can cleaning up social media profiles help the college application process?

It’s typical to work to present your “best self” when applying to colleges, but now, high school students have to also ensure their social media presence is appropriate.

As the college application process is increasingly getting more and more competitive, (reports show that students are working with admissions coaches when looking at schools), keeping an appropriate social media profile is a part of the equation.

"Most kids have no idea how important it is that their profile[s] online—Twitter, Facebook, other social media spaces—need to be appropriate for the admissions process," said Dean Skarlis, president of The College Advisor of New York, according to ABC News.

"Most kids don't even realize what's appropriate and what's not because they're 16, 17 and their idea of what might be appropriate is very different than that of a college admissions person," Skarlis said.

ABC News listed seven steps students can take to clean up their online presence:

1. Keep a clean account free of inappropriate postings and pictures from the minute you set up your account.
2. Know what your friends are posting, as well, and make sure they aren't posting inappropriate pictures or videos of you.
3. Tighten privacy settings so that only your friends can see posts.
4. Google yourself so you know what is out there. Even though you set your privacy settings on social media, search engines can work around those filters.
5. Remember to go through old postings, too. College admissions people often look all the way back to when you first joined social media.
6. Check your social media pages about once a week.
7. Rule of thumb: If you don't want your parents to see it, take it off.