Stephanie Bannister drops out of Australian parliament race

Stephanie Bannister said she didn't oppose 'Islam as a country." Photo: Seven Network

The candidate from an anti-immigration party in Australia is ending her campaign for a seat in that nation's parliament after a series of high-profile blunders, one of which led to her referencing Islam as a country in a television interview.

Stephanie Bannister has been ridiculed worldwide in the wake of her comments during an interview on Australia's Seven Network, which included a number of inaccuracies about world religion.

"I don't oppose Islam as a country," she said during the interview. "I do feel their laws should not be welcome here in Australia."

Islam, it seems, is at the center of her political beliefs. She's actually under investigation after she was accused of placing anti-Muslim stickers on Halal meat at a supermarket in a town in Queensland; the stickers said, "Halal food funds terrorism."

The mother of two wants Halal food banned in Australia. At other parts of the interview, Bannister referred the Koran as "haaram" and that Jewish people follow Jesus Christ.

Bannister also said that she thinks Australia's National Disability Insurance Scheme - the country's disability resource - is "working at the moment." It actually hasn't been implemented, nor will it be until 2016.