Space Shuttle Atlantis docking with International Space Station

Space Shuttle Atlantis turns over during its approach to the International Space Station. (Photo: AP/NASA TV)

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — A space shuttle has pulled up for the last time at a space station.

Emotions were running high Sunday, in orbit and on Earth, as Atlantis arrived at the International Space Station.

It's the final docking to a space station ever by a NASA shuttle. Atlantis is being retired after this flight, the last of the 30-year shuttle program.

Mission Control's lead flight director declared "this is it" as he gave the OK for the historic linkup.

Atlantis is delivering four tons of food, clothes and other space station provisions. That represents a year's worth of supplies, providing a safety net for station crews in the looming post-shuttle era.

The 10 orbiting astronauts will spend the next week unloading everything.

The always-tricky maneuver included commander Chris Ferguson turning the shuttle over in a backflip to line up properly with the station.

A variety of cameras filmed the docking, looking for launch damage on the shuttle and helping Ferguson inch in safely.