South Korea's president apologizes for 'insufficient' response to ferry tragedy

JINDO, South Korea (AP) - South Korea's government has raised the confirmed death toll from the ferry disaster to 204, with about 100 other passengers still missing nearly two weeks after the accident.

Divers are largely using their hands to feel for remaining bodies as they make their way through a maze of dark cabins, stairwells, storage rooms, lounges and restaurants in the submerged ferry. They are still fighting strong currents swirling around the overturned vessel. Inside, there's debris including overturned furniture and mattresses.

South Korea's president today apologized for the government's initial response to the sinking -- saying that the response was "insufficient." The apology -- and the earlier resignation of the country's prime minister -- followed claims by victims' relatives that the government didn't do enough to rescue or protect their loved ones.

Investigators are expanding their probe into the cause of the sinking and the initial response by emergency workers. And prosecutors say they're analyzing calls between crew members of the ferry and the offices of the ship's owner. They say multiple crew members on the ferry communicated about seven times with the company's offices in the minutes after the first distress call was made.