Some Catholics hope for change under Pope Francis

The celebration of the ascension of Pope Francis is a sight to behold.

On his first day on the job, Pope Francis displayed the humility many have been talking about. He stopped by his hotel, picked up his own luggage and paid the bill himself.

Special edition newspapers sold like hotcakes Thursday, with everyone grabbing for a piece of papal history. Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Bergolio is the first ever pope from the Americas.

For Victor and Kathy Amsdell of Toledo, Ohio it was reason to celebrate.

"We were just amazed...really a blessing," Victor said.

The 76-year-old pope delivered a simple, off-the-cuff homily during his first Mass as pope. But before the election, Pope Francis led a simple life. He will now trade his apartment for a palace and taking the bus for limousine rides.

Jeanette Leach of Houston, Texas said, "I think he took the name Francis for a reason...I think we're going to see great things from him. I really do."

Pope Francis' inbox is already full. Clergy sex abuse victims have asked to meet with him while others are pushing him to ordain women and approve birth control and gay marriage.

But Washington's Cardinal Donald Wuerl says the new pontiff cannot upend theology - just teach it better.

"Why marriage, family life, justice, human rights, why are they so important? That'll be his task to help people understand that, but not to change them," Wuerl explained.

As the Swiss Guard gets back to work protecting the pope, the new pope will get to work trying to protect and reunite the troubled church he now leads.