Social security protection: Congressman pushes for universal standard

(WJLA) - A social security number is the key to your personal information, so it’s no surprise that it is supposed to be kept locked down tight. But after we discovered it’s not too difficult to cobble together social security numbers for potentially millions of people, Congressman Dennis Ross is angry.

"We need a universal standard. It needs to come from the top, the federal government, and the social security office," he says.

It is possible to use federal records and private data brokers to pull together personal information, and now, Ross has a bill in the House that would urge Congress to take caution with your information.

It’s something we discovered the GAO and FTC suggested years ago.

"The federal government is way behind on this...This is an opportunity to show the American people we can act in a bipartisan fashion to preserve the integrity of our own privacy and our own information," explains Ross.

Representative Ross is looking out for you, but he also has some personal motivation in pushing this bill through Congress – he was recently the victim of identity theft with his social security number stolen.

And the missing standard puts millions at risk.