Sick-day excuses to rise, excuses to get more creative

      With the holiday season around the corner, and sports fans everywhere staying up late supporting their respective teams, it is no wonder that employers are seeing an increased number of their employees calling in sick. But, it seems that the excuses are getting much morecreative.

      A new list compiled by website Careerbuilder spotlights the worst excuses used to call out sick this year.

      Among the excuses on the list were:

      Could not make it to work because the sobriety tool used to start the car would not work My grandmother's body was exhumed for a police investigation I was hit by a bird My dog was having a nervous breakdown I was really upset after watching the Hunger Games.

      The site said that employers report that one-third of employees call in sick more often around the Winter Holidaysthree-in-ten U.S. workers called in sick with fake excuses in the last year.

      "Twenty-nine percent of workers have admitted to already playing hooky from the office this year, citing errands and plans with family and friends among the top reasons for calling in sick when they were well," according to the study, which looked at more than 2,600 employers and 4,300 workers.