Sgt. Dakota Meyer considers running for Congress

Barack Obama presented Dakota Meyer with the Medal of Honor in 2011. Photo: Associated Press

Sgt. Dakota Meyer, the Marine honored in 2011 for saving 36 lives during a firefight in Afghanistan, is pondering a run for Congress, he told the Marine Corps Times on Tuesday.

According to Military Times, the 25-year-old Marine has received numerous message of support for a possible run for office, leaving him wanting to continue to serve America.

Meyer was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama in September of 2011, two years after he risked his own life to save 13 American and 26 Afghan troops during an insurgent attack in the Ganjgal Valley of Afghanistan.

He did so despite suffering a shrapnel wound to his arm in the fight, the Associated Press says.

"You did your duty, above and beyond," President Obama said while bestowing Meyer with the honor.

Meyer doesn't have a timeline for a possible fun for Congress, but has been vocal on Twitter over the course of the government shutdown with his displeasure for the situation.

"I love Americans and I believe in this country," he told Marine Corps Times.