Search teams hunting for survivors

Holding out hope, search rescue teams are working around the clock in their hunt for the living in Joplin.

Families are searching desperately for loved ones, like a missing little boy. One man was searching for his best friend.

Many more people are going online to sites like to search for missing loved ones. There are several pages where people are posting pleased for information.

One page shows a picture of Jose Alvarez, a Joplin-area professor. Another shows Lee McKinney, mourning the loss of a loved one while Julie Harrington is searching for news about her friends.

The next post announced announces that Gaye Bedell is safe. But Katie Robertson adds that he uncle is still missing.

One haunting post from Amanda Campbell, looking for Dean Wayword, whose car was found badly damaged with its seatbelt still fastened.

Red Cross Safe and Well list can be seen here.

Facebook pages here and here also have information about survivors or the missing.

Survivors or missing page.

Joplin page.

Tornado recovery.

Google spread sheet of the missing