Royal baby gives British economy a royal boost

LONDON (WJLA) -- Royal baby fever isn’t just a feel-good story in Great Britain – it’s also a royal bump in the British economy, as the British, both in England and abroad, are expected to spend more than $370 million celebrating the birth of the future king.

It is estimated that more than $120 million will be spent on souvenirs and toys. If you can dream it, you can find it – from baby bears, books, booties, and biscuits to satirical sick bags, stones, and onesies that the Queen herself may not endorse.

Betting on the baby has also become a multi-million dollar business, with bets on everything from the name (George is the favorite) to the baby’s future career and first word.

Making headlines here in the States and around the world from former British colonies to nations where no translation is really needed, it’s the story of a royal windfall, with no spending slowdown in sight.

It's nice to have something to remember on that day - that this happened in our history really,” says Zandra Lilley.

Zandra already has picked out the exact royal-themed pottery she wants, while her husband Graham plans to celebrate with a royal beverage holder.

Graham Lilley is just one of many who will contribute to an estimated $95 million in alcohol sales to celebrate the still unnamed prince.