Regina stadium Yule Log video sparks frantic 911 calls

There's nothing scary about a Yule Log, unless it's displayed on a giant screen at a stadium. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The iconic Yule Log is an annual tradition worldwide, harkening memories and feelings of warmth and joy around the Christmas season. However, in one Canadian city, the Yule Log almost caused more fright than joy.

According to the CBC, the fire department in Regina, Saskatchewan has asked the management of the city's professional football team, the Roughriders, to stop displaying the Yule Log on the giant screens at Mosaic Stadium. Officials say that at least four people have "frantically" called 911 to report that the stadium was on fire.

Some people have even reported a smell of smoke along with the televised flames.

In response, the CBC says that Regina's deputy fire chief has asked the team to replace the image of the Yule Log with something else.

"Maybe some snowflakes or Santa or something like that," Regina deputy fire chief Gerard Kay told the CBC.

The image has since been replaced.