Rally in Hong Kong to protect Snowden

Activists and expatriates alike filled the streets of Hong Kong on Saturday with two demands.

One, that the Chinese government protect former CIA technical assistant Edward Snowden, and two, that the truth be fully disclosed by the U.S. administration along with an unconditional apology from President Obama.

This rally happened just 24 hours after Snowden’s stunning allegations against the NSA. The 29-year-old told a Chinese newspaper that the NSA launched illegal attacks on civilian computers in Hong Kong, allegedly even offering documents showing specific dates and IP addresses dating back to 2009.

Snowden claimed that the U.S. even accessed Hong Kong’s main server.

ABC News spoke with the father of Snowden’s former girlfriend, Jonathan Mills, who said he is “very shocked that he went this far with the information.”

Snowden is believed to be hiding in Hong Kong, though the FBI claims they are aggressively tracking him down.