Prince George plays in a royal crawl-about

(WJLA) - Prince George participated in a crawl-about today at a specially-convened playgroup at Government House in Wellington, New Zealand.

It was an official public engaged, baby-style. Guests included ten local babies born within weeks of George who had parents from a cross-section of society, including an American dad in a same-sex relationship.

"He's a lovely little boy. He's very intrepid," he said of baby George.

George played nicely with the other children, but was seen taking a plastic block from a little girl named Amelia who screamed in protest – but it was quickly forgotten.

It was a playdate with destiny, as George will one day be king, and these other little ones will be his royal subjects. But for now, he’s just enjoying a normal day playing with his new friends and enjoying a snuggle with his mom.