Popular baby names include William, Sophia, Mason in D.C. area

Every baby born is unique in his or her own special way, but that doesn't mean their name necessarily stands out.

That goes for you, William. And Sophie. The same goes for you, Mason. According to the Social Security Administration, those names were the most popular baby names in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia in 2012.

Last year in D.C., 94 newborn boys were named William, while Sophia was given to 50 little girls. Among boys, Alexander, Henry, John and James round out the top five boy names, while the most popular girl names in the nation's capital were Emma, Olivia, Charlotte and Genesis.

Sophia (358 times) proved most popular in Maryland as well last year, while 362 boys were dubbed Mason. Other popular names in Maryland last year included Michael, Jacob, Emma and Ava.

Virginians also went en masse toward Sophia in 2012, with 512 baby girls getting that name. Just like Washington, William was the commonwealth's most popular boy name as well. Mason, though, came in a close second among boys, while just one fewer girl was named Emma.

Unsurprisingly, Sophia was the most popular female baby name across the United States in 2012. Jacob, though, took home that honor among boys.

You can check out all the results at the SSA's website.